Addressing risks in Mediterranean forest management planning-the case of fire

30 ECTS specialization sub-programme at University of Lleida (Spain) on:

Specialization U Lleida 2024

Forest fires are probably the major risk of the Mediterranean forests. A specific coursework is designed to give the learner an in-depth understanding of fire ecology and management (in different wildland systems). Our seminars and discussions about fire management will address issues including fuels management, fire management policy, restoration, and climate change. Sound wildland fire management depends upon understanding the ecological, social and economic and other factors. We will focus on ecological effects of fires on plants, animals, soil, water and wildlife habitat. We will highlight fire as an ecological process in wildland ecosystems, how to typify and forecast fire effects over time and space. There are diverse fire management options and include fire suppression, fuels management and education, wildland fire use, prescribed fire, and post-fire rehabilitation. All of them will be address here. We will have a fine, long field trip to help in this educational process and field assignments would help students to mature the concepts and solutions


  1. Forest Fires in NE Spain (5 ECTS)
  2. Pastoral uses of Mediterranean forestry surfaces: A fire prevention tool (3 ECTS)
  3. Special topics in effects of fire on soil sciences (3 ECTS)
  4. Prescribed Fire laboratory (6 ECTS)
  5. Remote sensing of Forest Fires (3 ECTS)
  6. Principles of Wildland Fire Science and Management (5 ECTS)
  7. Writing and Publishing a Scientific Paper (5 ECTS)