Applications open for:

  • EU candidates or non-EU candidates who have spent more than a total of 12 months in the EU over the last 5 years can apply for a Programme Country Scholarship.
  • All other candidates can apply as self-funded.

More info on Scholarships here.


Deadline for applications:
  • Programme Country Scholarships: 15th March 2022
  • All candidates (self-funded): 30th April 2022




The MEDfOR Programme is open to candidates from all over the world, so everyone can apply. However, two basic criteria need to be met:

  • The candidate needs to have at least a bachelor degree on the field of economics or sciences;
  • The candidate needs to have at least an English level of B1 (CEFR). 

If you don't fulfil those two basic criteria, your application will be immediately dismissed.The MEDfOR Consortium has developed a common set of admission criteria as well as a joint application procedure.

The list of specific documents you will need to submit for your application can be found below on the section.

Please notice, that upon submission of your application, you will not receive a confirmation of the submission. The Secretariat of the Programme will contact all candidates when the deadline is closed to confirm the reception of the documents, and in case its necessary ask for additional documents. 

Applications will be closed at 10 pm of the last day of application (CET time).

    How to Apply

    In order to apply you have to:

    1. fill the application form (online)
    2. submit the documents listed below 
    3. Provide two reference letters from referees


     List of documents to Upload: 

    1. Copy of Passport (as proof of Nationality)
    2. Copy of certificate of the place of residence (e.g. residence certificate or certificate from the candidate's place of work, study or training)
    3. Original or certified (translated) copy of university diploma or degree certificate. Certified translation into english. 
    4. Original or certified (translated) copy of transcript of study results. Certified translation into english. 
    5. Certified copy of language test results: TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge English Examinations (CAE) or other official certificate - which clearly grades the English level of the candidate (a)
    6.  CV - Curriculum vitae - European format is preferable. Make sure you describe your work experience.
    7. State of Motivation - Please mention on the Motivation letter: i) your academic and professional background and how it fits in the MEDfOR programme; ii) why you chose the above mobility track and how it relates with your professional plans. It is advisable that the letter is one page long.
    8. Names and e-mails of the referees who will provide the reference letters. Referees should be from different institutions, and one should be academic (b).
    9. Reference letters - only accepted if they are signed and headed letters (b).
    10. Declaration and signature


    a) English Level

    Native speakers don’t need to present any English certificate. Please check the list below:

    • Antigua and Barbuda
    • Australia
    • The Bahamas
    • Barbados
    • Belize
    • Canada*
    • Dominica
    • Grenada
    • Guyana
    • Ireland
    • Jamaica
    • New Zealand
    • St Kitts and Nevis
    • St Lucia
    • St Vincent and the Grenadines
    • Trinidad and Tobago
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America

    If they wish non native speakers with a first degree from a university using English as a medium of instruction can include written confirmation from the university stating that the first degree has been conducted in English. However, to that statement we will attribute the English level B1 (CEFR standard). 

    b) Recommendation Letters:

    In addition to your application you should upload  two different recommendation letters, being at least one from an academic referee. Upon appliction you should also provide us the Name and address of the referee. Please take into consideration that the members of the consortium may decide to contact the referees during the application period to verify the validity of the letters. Letters can be addressed to the MEDfOR Comission. 

    Please fill the application form completely and make sure that you upload all the requested  documents. Documents should be uploaded on the order specificied in the application form. 

     If you fail to upload one of the requested documents; if you don't upload them in the requested order; or if you don't fill the application form correctly, your application will not be accepted.

    Please click here to apply:   Application Form


    The Consortium carries out the selection of students, where all partner universities are represented.

    Depending on the number of candidates, and their balance per country, a set of criteria is usually applied, used as a pre-selection before the final evaluation of each candidate:  age, english level, number of degrees; final grades of the different degrees, relevance of the degree, gender balance.

    After the pre-selection, each candidate is evaluated by two different members of the Consortium appointed by the MEDfOR Commission. Decision on acceptance or not into the MEDfOR programme is made by the MEDfOR Commission. 

    The following categories are assessed: according to the following categories: i) Academic Excellence, Work Experience, Personal Motivation  and recommendations letters. To each category is allocated a grade between 1 (poor) and 5 (outstanding). A final grade is obtained using a weighting system whereby 65% of the final grade is due to the academic potential, 15% to relevant work experience, and 10% to the remaining categories.

    The final classification of the candidate is an average between both grades. In case the evaluators grade the candidate with a grade difference of more than 0.5; they discuss in order to reach a consensus to classify  that candidate.  

    The best ranked candidates, classified with a grade of 4 or more points are selected for a final interview, which is worth 30% of the final grade.

    Candidates will be notified on the final decision concerning their ranking, until the end of April. The best 15-25 candidates may receive an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.