How to Get into Europe

First and most important, you will need to get a Student VISA to come and study in Europe. Any type of Visa can be requested at any Embassy or Consulate of the country you are travelling into, in one’s home country. Erasmus Mundus students should apply for a Student Visa. As a general rule, the necessary documents for student visa applications for entry in Europe are:

  • Passport or other travelling document (Expiration date not less than three months later than visa’s)
  • Three passport size photos
  • Criminal register
  • Health insurance certificate (or proof that one will be provided upon arrival)
  • Lodging certificate from the city you are going to in Europe
  • Proof of funds upon arrival at Europe
  • Academic registration document
  • Academic qualifications document

Notice that you should always check with the relevant Embassies/Consulates which documents you need to bring to obtain the visa.

You should apply for the VISA as soon as possible, because VISA may take up to 45 days to be ready! If you are part of the Schengen Area you don’t need a VISA to enter Portugal, Spain or Italy.

However, if are going to stay in the Technical University of Karadeniz, Turkey, you will need a VISA. Please check the information here:


MEDfOR students are covered by an insurance scheme in line with the insurance requirements for Erasmus Mundus students set by the European Agency EACEA. The Insurance will be provided by a private Insurance Company chosen by the MEDfOR Consortium, according to the rules of the European Comission.

The Insurance will cover: 1. Medical Insurance Abroad 2. Assistance 3. Accident Insurance 4. Personal Liability Insurance 5. Baggage Insurance


The participation cost is the same irrespective of the study track/institution. The participation cost per year is €3,000. Participation costs cover: the matriculation at two host universities, access to all facilities incl. library, ICT and laboratories, obligatory student association fees, graduate-level sub-programmes, insurance – (health and travel) and administrative costs. Not included are: travel costs to first and second year institutions as well as to the Winter School, travel and other costs for thesis fieldwork, individual module related costs, e.g. books and field work travel costs. Your local MEDfOR academic contact person will inform you of any such expenses.

Living costs

Living expenses will of course vary according to personal requirements and the place you live. The following budgets are general indications as to minimum costs per month:

Cost Lisbon Padova Lleida Valladolid


Karadeniz Tuscia Porto
Rent €300-500 €300-500 €300-400 €300 €250 €250 (?) €300-400
Transportation €40  €40 €25 €50 €20 €0 (?) €30
Food €250 €250 €250 €200 €100 €150 €200
Books €30 €30 €25 €30 €30 €30 €30
Misc €40 €50 €40 €40 €40 €40 €40
Total €600-800 €500 - €700 €550 €500 €400 €500 €600