Advanced tools for sustainable management of Mediterranean forests

30 ECTS specialization sub-programme at University of Tuscia (Italy) on:

Specialization U Tuscia 2024

The University of Tuscia will provide advanced scientific tools that are relevant for a modern sustainable management of Mediterranean forests that is the focus of the EMMC objectives. Main objectives will be to understand and gain familiarity with fundamental issues in forest inventory and geomatics, forest ecophysiology, forest biotechnology, forest tree cropping, forest and environmental governance strategies and practical options, and to integrate them in the perspective of forest management responses for the mitigation and adaptation to environmental changes under a Mediterranean context.


  1. Forest biotechnology ( (6 ECTS)
  2. Forest ecophysiology (6 ECTS)
  3. Monitoring soil quality ( (6 ECTS)
  4. Principles of remote sensing and modelling in forestry (6 ECTS)
  5. Research support for sustainable forest management (6 ECTS)
  6. Forest tree cropping (6 ECTS)