Semester Course: 3rd
Credits: 6 ECTS
Lecturers: Prof. Dario Papale
Web Site:

  1. Objectives
    This course provides students with a conceptual and practical understanding of the application of statistic in forest research, with a focus on the way data are gathered and analyzed in the field of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM).
  2. Programme topics
    The class and lab. activities lectures will be focused on the following groups of topics/abilities:

    1. - Introduction to the Remote Sensing concept
    2. - The electromagnetic energy and most important equations
    3. - Reflectance curves
    4. - Effect of the vegetation characteristics on the reflectance
    5. - Remote sensing platforms and sensors
    6. - Digital images processing
    7. - Digital images visualization
    8. - Enhancement of RS images
    9. - Radiometric corrections
    10. - Geometric corrections
    11. - Atmospheric corrections
    12. - Vegetation indexes and their use, fluorescence
    13. - Remote sensing and modeling
    14. - Model optimization and validation
    15. - Supervised and Unsupervised classifications
    16. - Artificial Neural Networks
    17. - Practical applications
  3. Assessment
    Knowledge of the theory and ability to apply the methods learned will be evaluated trough complex practical cases, where a clear knowledge of remote sensing basis, concepts and tools available is needed.