This year, our Annual Summer Event, which reunites the students about to Graduate in the beautiful landscape of the Italian Alps; happened in a very different format.

This time Students and Scholar of the MEDfOR Programme got together in the zoom Plataform, each one in its own Place.  The second year students presented the thesis work they have been developing during the last semester.

Stil, the same interest and enthusiasm for sharing was present, and the 1st year students had the opportunity to participate in the Event.

Here you may found the Book of Abstracts.

The following students presented their work on the 21st  and the 24th  of July  

  • Angham Daiyoub
  • Giuseppe Baldassarre
  • Hilina Yohannes
  • Olha  Nahorna
  • Razieh  Ebadati Esfahani
  • Takele Birhanu Muleta
  • Xuanhui Zhou

The videos can be found here:

21st - Part I 

21st - Part II


And the following students, all graduating from university of Padua, did their thesis defense online on the 24th July:

  • Alexandra Andrea Rivera Ramos
  • Alicia Pardo Moy
  • Ivan Hederic
  • Joyce  Machado Nunes Romeiro
  • Júlia Alberta Varela
  • Catherine Mercer
  • Julia Kachanova

 The link to the online presentation stored on youtube can be found here: