Semester Course: 1st
Credits: 2 ECTS
Prerequisites: Forest Ecology, Eco-physiology, plant production or override permit by the lecturer
Lecturers: Antonio D. del Campo García
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  1. Objectives:
    The main objective of the course is to gain knowledge on the elements that take place in a forest restoration program (projected works, executed works, plant material, meteorological constraints, site quality,…), their relationship and how to manage them in order to achieve a successful output in these programs. The short and long-term evaluation of reforestation success is also considered.
  2. Programme topics:
    1. Introduction to forest restoration: background, statistics and technique synthesis.
    2. The reforestation project
    3. Seedling quality: genetic, phenotypic and biological.
    4. Reforestation works: the importance of execution.
    5. Ecological constraints: Site quality and season meteorology.
    6. Evaluation of reforestation success on the short and long term
    7. Seminar.
  3. Assessment:
    Course requirements include the presentation of a class summary (10%), a class project (40%) and a final exam (50%).