Semester Course: 1st [x] 

Credits: 3 ECTS

Prerequisites: None

Lecturers: José A. Martínez-Casasnovas

Web Site: (access with valid registration as student of the University of Lleida)

  1. Objectives:
  2. To know basic principles of geographical information systems, spatial databases and remote sensing and their applications in forest mapping and analysis.
  3. Programme topics:
  4. 1. Principles of the geographical information systems: vector and raster spatial data structures; 2. GIS analysis; 3. Principles of remote sensing: spectral radiance and signatures, data acquisition, transformation indexes and multiespectral classification; 4. Case study task;
  5. Assessment:
  6. Course requirements include the assistance to the lectures (10%), presentation of exercises (20), the case study individual report (30%) and a final exam (40%).