Semester Course: 1st 
Credits: 6 ECTS
Lecturer(s): José Carlos Augusta da Costa (Responsible), Joana Amaral Paulo, Patricia Maria Rodriguez Gonzalez and Filipe Miguel de Carvalho Costa e Silva​
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  1. Objectives:
    The students will be introduced to Portuguese plant cover and to the identification of forest landscape units; they will be acquainted with biotic and abiotic factors relevant for plant growth and survival, and for plant community structures, with emphasis on climatic variables; they will learn the concepts related to close-to-Nature forestry, as well as methods for ecosystem conservation and restoration.
  2. Programme topics:
    1. Biogeography and bioclimatology of Portuguese vegetation. Methods of plant survey and plant community analysis.
    2. Endangered and protected plant species, communities and sites. Ex situ and in situ plant conservation.
    3. Agro-forestry systems characteristics and functions. Maintenance of biodiversity in agroforestry systems. The concept of continuous cover forestry: temporal evolution and alternative models of silviculture.
    4. Consequences of land abandonment. Restoration and requalification of agro-forestry systems.
  3. Assessment:
    Classification of application exercises and their oral presentations in classes, or written test for programme module whenever adequate or necessary for classification recover; recover of classification, if needed, in final written examination.