Semester Course: 2nd 
Credits: 6 ECTS
Lecturer(s): Ana Paula Ramos (Responsible), Carla Maria Faria e Silva and Maria Teresa Paço Gomes 
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  1. Objectives:
    The students will be introduced to the qualification of urban spaces through arboriculture and forestry in open recreational spaces. They will be acquainted with the conception and planning of urban tree planting, care and maintenance, and with environmental and public health and welfare effects of trees in urban landscapes.
  2. Programme topics:
    1. Functions and types of trees and forested spaces in urban areas; constraints of urban environment to tree survival, growth and health; mitigation of constraining factors.
    2. Tree species selection and seedling production for use in urban environments; seedling quality; species selection and public health and welfare.
    3. Urban tree care: tree inventory as a tool for qualification of isolated trees and forest patches; urban tree pruning.
    4. Introduction to tree health and visual tree risk assessment (VTA).
  3. Assessment:
    Classification of application exercises and their oral presentations in classes, or written test for programme module whenever adequate or necessary for classification recover; recover of classification, if needed, in final written examination.