Cultural Life: 

Porto is a very nice city to spend your Erasmus year in. Basically you have everything you need there. The public transportation is very good developed, even during the night you the night buses, there is a quite big airport so you can go almost all around Europe easily. A cultural life is very intense. You can go to a variety of museums, exhibitions, concerts, cinemas (good thing in Portugal they show movies in original language). Of course one of the best thing in Porto is the ocean! It is beautiful anytime of the year or day. You can swim, sunbathing, surf or just look at it. It is just amazing! And if you are tired after classes or exams, want just to relax , there are many bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants with nice atmosphere and student prices. I definitely recommend Porto as your second year destination! Enjoy!

Anna Liubachyna, Ukraine, 1st edition, 1st year in Padua, 2nd year in Porto and Padua.


The City

Porto is the northern capital of Portugal. It is a beautiful and a very old city, spreading along the Mouth of the river Douro. This was the city that gave the name to Portugal. Its historical center was classified by UNESCO as world patrimony. The city of Porto is also well known for its gastronomy! There are many monuments and viewpoints to explore in the city of Porto such as the São Francisco church from the 14th century and all the area around the Ribeira. Besides, Porto is right next to the Douro Valley, another World Heritage site with marvelous views. The Douro river carves its way through the valley until the sea. The river is navigable and a train line also follows the Douro river along the majority of its stretch, giving its passengers a privileged view of the stunning landscape. In addition to its wine, this region is covered by olive trees that produce high quality olive oil and almond trees that fill the valley with colour and perfume in the months of February and March and produce the almonds that are used to make several traditional sweet treats.

Language Courses: 

The University offers a PORTUGUESE AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE course which awards a Level A2 (based on the Common European Framework) diploma and 2, 5 Credits ECTS.

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The University does not offer sport activities on its premises, but does have agreements with several local sports clubs, namely sailing, football, tennis, athletics and sports centres that might be joined at lower rates.