Our MEDfOR students often publish their thesis in the form of scientific papers after finishing the programme. Often, this process take several months.

During the beggining of 2020, theree alumni manage to publish their thesis in the form of papers:

Tatek Dejene T , Mohamed Samy Agamy, Agúndez  and Pablo Martin-Pinto. 2020. Ethnobotanical Survey of Wild Edible Fruit Tree. Species in Lowland Areas of Ethiopia.  Forests 2020, 11(2), 177- Published in 5 February 2020

Enrica Alicandri, Anna Rita Paolacci, Samson Osadolor, Agostino Sorgonà, Maurizio Badiani and Mario Ciaffi. 2020. On the Evolution and Functional Diversity of Terpene Synthases in the Pinus Species: A Review. Journal of Molecular Evolution volume 88, pages253–283(2020) - Published in 08 February 2020

Sgrigna G., Baldacchini C., Susana Dreveck S., Cheng Z., Calfapietra C. 2020. Relationships between air particulate matter capture efficiency and leaf traits in twelve tree species from an Italian urban-industrial environment, Science of The Total Environment,Volume 718- Published in 14 February 2020

Congratulations to Susana Dreveck, Mohamed Samy and Samon Osadolor!!!