NG Nigeria
First MEDfOR University: University of Lisbon
Second MEDfOR University: University of Tuscia
Third MEDfOR University: University of Tuscia

“For me, the net gain since joining the MEDFOR Programme have been tremendous, despite the hurdles. As an international student, I chose to attend the programme for two main reasons, the first being to combine study and travel, secondly due to the specializations in the second year, in my case I was attracted to the Master in Forest and Environmental science, offered in Tuscia, this programme in its entirety has provided me a solid foundation in taking the next step for my career. The course has been a lot of hard work, constantly stretching me, but it has been tremendous fun as well and I am very glad I was able to take part. I am thankful to all the staff in the various institutions where I have been, through the course of the programme, for been unfailingly warm, generous in their support, but just as importantly developing my knowledge. My experience to date has been richly memorable and I highly recommend this challenging and richly rewarding programme.”


Research Assistant at INIAV, IP - Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária, Portugal

May 2019. PhD student at University of Alberta, Canada.