Our MEDfOR students representatatives talk about the WinterSchool experience, 3 weeks of intensive courses and field trips in janaury, offered by the University of Valladolid in Palencia.  Most students met for the first time !


Duaa Husein from Palestine

"Winter school was a rich experience in different ways, on the academic part the courses and the different workshops provided great and diverse knowledge in the forestry aspect, starting with learning the characteristics of the Mediterranean forests, to the management aspect, governance and non wood products, and the pathology part to the linear programming. Adding to that, what made this learning experience unforgettable is the field trips that concluded and explained all the theoretical materials in the field. 

On other aspect, the Winter school focused not only on the academic side but also gave attention to our communication skills as future scientists and foresters, working with us continuously to develop and improve our skills in a practical way, to present our work and share our knowledge in the best way. All students believed in the importance of the young foresters course that focused on our presentation and communication skills. Having the chance to present our work in the young foresters conference was a great experience for many students, that gave them more confidence and opportunity to be part of this forum."

Lia Becvar, from Brazil: 

"Winter school was better than expected but quite busy. The city of Palencia is a beautiful place to enjoy local culinary, art, and very friendly people. Valladolid University hosted all of us very well and did a great job showing us around. We got to meet many authorities, museums, and different land field. We also visit the University of Valladolid from the year 1212, and it was unbelievable because of its architecture and a fantastic library. The professors were well organized with all the field trips, making our experience unique and enjoyable.

We also had the opportunity to interact with all MEDFOR students from the different universities and share knowledge as a team. The winter school was just an enjoyable experience in many aspects, and I would do it again, but now it is over. All we lived there was unique, and every day, we did something new. We also had opportunities to meet government authorities from the fire sector, certification, agriculture, and others. At the winter school, we study a little bit of everything and also worked on a different sector to develop skills and improve our communication skills. I am thankful for the opportunity, and because it was a great experience with strong social interaction.

Thank you so very much!"

Hiba Mohammad from Syria

"Palencia as city was very beautiful. Winter school was intensive but quite fruitful and full of knowledge in terms of lectures, field trips, personal skills building - especially presentation skills -  adding to this, to me it was about meeting all the MEDfOR colleagues, and how much I learnt from every individual!"