Xuanhui Zhou went back to China to do his Summer Internship.

In his words: 

In the summer of 2019, I conducted a six-week summer internship at Suifenhe National Forest and Wood City, China Forestry Group. As an intern in the operation department, I first learned about the relevant work processes of the company's strategic planning, how to formulate and adjust the company's development strategy and prepare the company's development plan according to the economic situation and the company's actual situation. During the period, I participated in projects that the three departments need to declare and prepare in the near future: government loan interest subsidy project declaration, industrial and commercial changes, and equity mergers and acquisitions.

Government discount application

a) Project Introduction

Responding to the Heilongjiang Provincial Government, the Ministry of Finance is supporting small and medium-sized private enterprises in Suifenhe City, and as a small and medium-sized timber enterprise startup incubator park in Suifenhe City, Guolin Microfinance Co., Ltd. provides full supply for equipment rental, equipment procurement and product sales. Chain financial services. In 2018, Guolin Wood City has invested more than 200 million yuan in nearly 50 park enterprises. Financial support has solved the problems of financing difficulties for SMEs, slow loans, high thresholds, and enhanced the momentum and vitality of enterprise development. At the same time, with the strong support of the national government, Guolin Wood Industry Investment Co., Ltd. can report the annual loan situation, and the government will grant loan interest subsidy after the approval.

b) Work content

This is the first project I joined in the department after I joined the job. My job is as follows: Check out the list of 2018 loan companies, prepare the company application materials (business license, loan contract, installment repayment receipt, tax bill, etc.). Finally, sort and paste all the materials.

Heilongjiang Haojia Wood Industry and Commerce Change Project

a) Project Introduction

Heilongjiang Haojia Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a company incorporated by China Forest Products Company, Muling Chengxin Investment Co., Ltd. and Bi Shujiang Personal Tripartite Investment. Bi Shujiang originally invested in the original fixed assets plus currency, and now changes to only the original fixed assets. China Forest Products Company insists on capital contribution and is the largest shareholder among the three parties. The proportion of money contribution and shareholding from the original 80 million accounted for 51%, adjusted to 50 million accounted for 46.7%.

b) Work content

Produce and count the registered capital change form. Write a shareholder resolution on the company's registered capital changes and notify shareholders. Amend the tripartite cooperation agreement and the company's articles of association.

Donglong Wood Industry Equity M&A Project

  1. Project Introduction

In order to speed up resource integration, carry out floor processing and other services, enrich and improve the industrial chain, and take advantage of the raw materials of Suifenhe floor substrate to connect with the upstream and downstream of Guolin Wood Industry City and Furenyuan Wood Company to expand market share and improve the overall strength of the company. , Zhonglin Industrial Holdings Co., Ltd. decided to conduct equity mergers and acquisitions for Donglong Wood Company.

     b. Work content

Equity M&A investment proposals are relatively large and detailed work. After the division of the department manager, first of all, I and my colleagues investigated the business operation and gave a summary, surveying the company's business scope and profit model, asset status and financial status. Then, through a comprehensive analysis of the investment environment by reviewing the policy support, humanities and social background, and transportation conditions of the state and local governments. Third, the overall industry (floor) survey, including industry profit trends and product market sales in the past three years. Finally, everyone sorted out the information and waited for a comprehensive evaluation.