Takele Birhanu Muleta did his internship at the University of Quebec, Montreal on Canada.

On his words:

"I am Takele Birhanu MULETA, 2nd-year MEDfOR student from Ethiopia. I did my summer internship at the University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada (UQAM). The internship experience was practical, incredible, and full of enjoyment. During the internship, I actively participated in different forestry projects such as the “International Diversity Experiment Network” (IDENT), “the right tree at the right place-Urban Forest Immunisation Kit for Global Change” (iFORurb). As a student of MEDfOR programme, I have learned a lot from the internship from acquiring new knowledge and skills in forest management to enhancing my academic and research network. In addition, the internship enabled me to know and explore North American continent. During the internship the following key activities were undertaken:

-    Actively involved in the compilation of “Functional traits database of trees in Canada”

-    Laboratory activities were undertaken to determine the SRL (Specific Root Length) and SLA (Specific Leaf Area) of different trees of Montreal City.

-    Data collection of (Diameter, height, roots, and leafs variables) of experimental tree plantation performed together with other research teams.

-    Data checking (checking for outliers and non-logical values) and data entry.

-    Participated in establishing of temperature sensors in the Montreal city and

-    Inventory of urban trees and determining the location of some trees with less  functional trait information for future study."