Dagm Fikir Abate from Ethiopia did his internship at the Pennsylvania State University during this Summer break. 

In his words:

“I have joined Pennsylvania State University in this summer for internship, and have been working in a Water-Food-Energy (WEF) nexus project of the university, where I have specifically focused on Eucalyptus plantation in Ethiopia. I was able to review research articles focusing on Eucalyptus’s extent, trend over time, factors (for the expansion) and impacts on food, water and energy. I have also done a GIS based analysis of its temporal dynamics and impacts by taking one district located in Northern Ethiopia as a case study area. At the end of my internship in September 2019, I have made a public lecture of my work at the College of Agriculture, Penn State University. It was all fantastic. The internship was really the best and unique opportunity I ever had in my academic and professional history as I was able to deal with forests in relation to the three crucial sectors of human life: water, food and energy. And it is true that I wouldn’t have got this opportunity if I hadn’t joined MEDfOR; yes this is because of MEDfOR. I thank MEDfOR.”