Our student Eric Cudjoe has recently started an internship at University of Washington.

In his own words;

"The internship so far is designed as a field-intensive training in many aspects of forest management and planning. The largest portion of my time is measuring a set of permanent forest inventory plots. I then use the data to calculate forest growth and yield, build a stand database and landscape-level stand portfolio that are used in managing the forest and in research. The internship also focuses on day-to-day aspects of forest operations and becoming familiar with trail maintenance, timber cruising, GIS, weeding and pre-commercial thinning treatments, invasive species management, and been exposed to timber operations and wood processing. I am also assisting with several research projects and gaining experience in conducting field research. This internship training is acutely giving me a first-hand exposure to fieldwork experience in the real world and developing my professional experience as a future Forester and Natural Resource Manager. This internship opportunity is indeed, a dream come true for me. I am looking forward to learning a lot of skills in the weeks ahead of me. A big thanks to you all for making this possible. Muito Obrigado! "