Two of our MEDfOR Alumni recently published the following scientific papers: 

- Tesfay Gidey, Daniel Hagos, Hagos Mohammedseid Juhar, Negasi Solomon, Aklilu Negussie, Josep Crous-Duran, Tânia Sofia Oliveira, Abrham Abiyu, Joao HN Palma. 2020.
Population status of Boswellia papyrifera woodland and prioritizing its conservation interventions using multi-criteria decision model in northern Ethiopia, Heliyon, Volume 6, Issue 10,

- Roberto Moscetti, Daniel Hagos Berhe, Mariagrazia Agrimi, Ron P. Haff, Peishih Liang, Serena Ferri, Danilo Monarca, Riccardo Massantini. 2021. Pine nut species recognition using NIR spectroscopy and image analysis. Journal of Food Engineering. Volume 292. 

The paper of Tesfay Gidey et al. 2020 is published in collaboration with Daniel Hagos Berhe and some researchers from the University of Lisbon where he did his 2nd year. The second paper of Roberto Moscetti et al. 2021 is published in collaboration with  Daniel Hagos Berhe and with results from his master thesis. 

Both Tesfay and Daniel are lecturers at the University of Adigrat, Ethiopia. 

I hope they can continue their career with sucess!