Yusif Habib, MEDfOR student now starting his 2nd year; has participated in an Exchange Program at the Pennsylvania State University, USA with the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, and the International Programs of the College of Agricultural Sciences, during the Summer period of 2018.

In the Erasmus Mundus MEDfOR students are encouraged to engage with partner/associated Institutions and Organisations to gain practical experience complementary to academic work and to boost their future career.

Yusif Habib describes his internship program and experience as, “I have had the opportunity to participate and make contribution during International conference focused of Forest Reclamation on Active and Abandoned Coal Mining sites in the USA and also on Interdisciplinary Workshop on Water-Food-Energy Nexus: A Global Framework to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

These experiences and knowledge gained are essential to my MEDfOR studentship and future career after MEDfOR graduation. Thanks to the MEDfOR for making this great part of my studies possible."