1st Edition: 2012/2014

1st Edition: 2012/2014

"Two years of the experience of living and studying in different countries was obviously interesting and challenging, but the most amazing things that exceeded of my expectation were the people I met when i lived in Padova, Porto, and even all of our 1st MEDFOR classmates when we studied in Winter School in Spain. We had so many great memories together and i was so thankful that i have so many photos to remind me of the best time of my life! Erasmus Mundus program changed my life, giving me a chance to build personal belief, make me to be social and cultural integrated, and improve my communication skills and professional knowledge. It was really an unique and rewarding experience of my life!"
Jiezhi Xu, China

"I am currently doing PhD in Forest Ecology in University of Padova, Italy. As a part of research, I am analysing trees cores collected from altitudinal and latitudinal zones of world and try to see the correlation of it with temperature and precipitation with the approach of wood anatomy. Regarding MEDfOR, it was a great experience to know the culture and learning module adopted in different European Universities. Moreover, it helps to sharpen my knowledge on forestry and natural resources."
Sudip Pandey, Nepal

"This master programme has given me the opportunity to bring improvements in my skills (both hard and soft). It has given me a chance to represent the course at General Assembly of Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) back in 2014. For which I am indebted to my cohort fellows. The first year of stay in Spain was one of my greatest time and will remain in my memory forever. Currently, I am seeking for working opportunity"
Awan Umair, Pakistan

"The MEDFOR Program provided a great chance for me as a person, and as a researcher. It gave me the opportunity to develop my experience, to learn a lot and more importantly to be exposed to different education systems, different aspects for addressing all the issues and problems.
After finishing the program we were richer, with information, experience, connections and even with cultures. I can honestly say that this program has giving me a lot of opportunities to build my future.
My master thesis was with the title: Monitoring two REINFFORCE Network Arboreta, Adaptation to Climate Change and Biotic Factors.
I am now a PhD researcher, in the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies Program, which is a joint initiative between the University of Lisbon, the Technical University of Lisbon and New University of Lisbon."
Hala Shahin, Syria

"Now I'm involved in International comp. the Regional Environmental Center, Country office Macedonia.
Medfor program add to my experience a technical knowledge of Med. environmental issues and intrigue me to pursue heading to the 'environmental side' in my professional development.
Worth mentioning, all the people I have meet, hopefully we will meet once again and stay good colleagues in our future. "
Iva Kacarska, Macedonia

"MEDfOR has offered to its students a multidisciplinary program revolving around Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management. Although some students encountered some difficulties during the first year, the program proved to be beneficial and successful the second year. In fact, the MEDfOR universities network offers its students different specializations opportunities, allowing them to follow their vocation and to benefit from a good level of professionalism in a specific field of their choice.
One of the constitutive pillars of the MEDfOR program is the mobility track required during the two years of the master program. Apart from offering the chance for the student to experience an independent life away from his environment, the mobility track puts the student in confrontation with different societies and life-styles. This experience is very life-enriching, promoting the personal growth of the individuals. It also offers the opportunities to learn new languages and discover at least two different countries. Moreover, the MEDfOR consortium organizes for its students a winter school in the first year in which they are brought to participate in the annual young researchers meeting. The meeting allows the students to gain knowledge about different research and management topics in forestry (mainly from each other), and to meet some professionals in the field. Apart from that, students have to pursue their own objectives and could benefit from excellent professors and supervisors."
Sacha Khoury, Lebanon

“As an alumnus:
I asked Professor Felipe Bravo in the winter school of first batch in 2013, how they, as guardians, would contribute to our future career. Professor’s answer was a bit straightforward, which disappointed me at the beginning. “We don’t provide you anything directly”, said Mr. Bravo. But, “You need to find your own way, we just prepare you”, encouraged the professor.
At the moment, I thank professor Bravo, and all the faculties related to the program. They prepared us well. I now am doing a PhD in crop science specializing in entomology. In my application letter to MEDfOR, like everybody did, I had to write why I choose University of Padova. Honestly, I chose that university for a special course, Insect Ecology. Secretariat benevolently issued me that university. In that special course, I met the professor who I am working with right now. I started my master thesis with him, and the PhD project I am conducting follows the same topic. I really have started a new journey in life with what I like to do. And, it has become possible mostly because of the brains working behind MEDfOR. So dears, it needs courage, hope and preparation. That's all set for a new beginning."
Md. Habibur Rahman Salman, Bangladesh

“I am currently doing a PhD in Forestry in the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
Undoubtedly MEDfOR Master Programme has made an important contribution throughout the journey. The courses and the faculties always inspired students to go further and seek. I learned a lot especially during my specialization and internship period which are now of practical use. Moreover, I am really thankful to all my Professors and people attached with the programme.”
Serajis Salekin, Bangladesh

“After the Master I had a five month traineeship at the Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF) in Brussels (focusing on Mediterranean forest policy / in being selected the MEDfOR MSc played a key role). Now I'm working as a Project Manager for an Italian development cooperation NGO.”
Alex Pra, Italy

"Right now I'm working within FSC Italy, the Italian Office of an International Organization, the Forest Stewardship Council (https://ic.fsc.org/). The core issue of FSC is to promote the Responsible Forest Management.
In relation to the MEDFOR experience, personally it was a great opportunity to meet new people, especially for those students coming from very far away. With some of them I'm still in contact and I'm planning to visit them. Regarding the professional point of view, I've learnt how to manage forests from different perspectives, including the socio-economic and environmental aspects.Another issue is the exchange of opinion, influences, and time within my fellows, and that was really great and helpful time (especially during the period in Lleida)."
Ilaria Dalla Vecchia, Italy

"I am enrolled in the PhD programme in the University of Padova for 2014-2017. My research topic is "Policy reforms and institutional changes in forestry: evidences on State Forest Enterprises in selected European countries"."
Anna Liubachyna, Ukraine

"I am currently a GIS analyst for the Baltimore City Forestry Division in the state of Maryland in USA. One major project I am working on is implementing a full tree inventory of the city's street and park trees to use as an assett management system. Another project is to use land cover datasets to perform spatial analysis such as determining tree canopy cover statistics and prioritizing planting areas."
Victor Miranda, USA

2nd Edition: 2013/2015

“Since I am part of the Medfor program I have had really very rewarding experiences, meeting new people all over the world and discovering new research approaches for sustainable forests. As my professional interest is towards forest pathology I had the opportunity to study particularly Phytophthora diseases for my final thesis. I'm just in the end of the master but I hope that this Master degree will open more doors to my professional career and give me the opportunity to continue my passion. Regarding personal skills, this master helped me to grow, as I needed to face new challenges while living in different countries (Spain and Italy).”
Susana Durães, Portugal.

“The MEDfOR experience has been very enriching for me as it has boosted my international experience and broken the cultural doubts I always had about different cultures. The intercultural experience has empowered me with the ability to fit into any society and work diligently to achieve my goals. More especially enriching is the course content and the accompanying practical methods and the application of new technologies that has helped me have a hands-on approach at forestry management and in the management of natural resources. It has been an unforgettable experience.”
Nforneh Paul Ambe, Cameroon

“Medford program really help and gave me new experiences on sustainable and management of natural resources and forests, also meeting a lot of people from all over the world and discover new research approaches. This Master degree gave me more opportunities and challenges, by living in different countries, Italy and Spain, and some other European countries. I learned a lot from that. Thanks to all the staff of Erasmus Mundus program and especially the Medford program staff and students.”
Abdelmoniem Fadul, Sudan

“Being an Erasmus Mundus student is in short the biggest experience I ever had in my life!!!”
Tessema Mereed, Ethiopia

“The program provided me with an opportunity not only to learn but also to meet people from all over the world. During the program, I have been facing new challenges and learning how to handle new situations.”
Muhammad Muddasir, Pakistan

“Now, I am doing my Thesis on ¨Association between ambrosia fungi and wood boring beetles in Italy¨ at the University of Padova, Italy. For me, to become a part of the MEDfOR family, it open the door to meeting diverse excellent culture, people and study environment as well as expand my knowledge field in depth of Forestry.”
Mehzabin Rupa, Bangladesh

“ The program has provided us with an opportunity to learn how to manage natural resources in different scenarios especially in changing climate, learn and know new language and cultures, and meet people from all over the world. This all will help me (us) in our professional life.”
Most. Jannatul Fardusi, Bangladesh

“I met some people that I wouldn't meet if I were not accepted in the programme. I have been taught in some interesting fields concerning to current affairs in forestry and natural resources management. I travelled to and visited some beautiful places.”
Juan Mena Costa, Spain

“This master (mobility with scholarship) is specific for me because it allowed me to discover and to learn several opportunities at different levels (sicence, culture, ...)
Currently I am a student at the second year at the University of Padova. My thesis's topic is a socio-economic valorization of medicinal plant in Algeria, supervised by Prof. Davide Pettenella. I would like to thank a lot to whom is related to the management of rhe Mediterranean area (Coordinators, teachers, students..)”
Ghemina Ghemouri, Algeria

“Concerning my opinion about Medfor, I would like to say that this program was a good opportunity for me to improve my academic background in environment sciences,also it allowed me meet people from diffrent countries and cultures, which presents source of richness for this program... “
Zineb Choury, Morocco

“I am currently working in the department of Geography at University of Oregon, USA as both a graduate student and a teaching assistant for GIS. MEDfOR was a great experience where I met wonderful people that we have exchanged ideas and knowledge with each other and enjoyed our time together. What I learned from this program is not only about the courses we have taken, but also how I reflected about myself in pursuing a better life through the travelings and communications. It is always fascinating how we gain knowledge on the human-environment interaction gradually and somehow subtly by enjoying the process."
Dongmei Chen, China

“Right now I am a 2nd year student in Lleida University. During this programme I met interesting people and gained the skill to work alone without any help. Anyway I am thankful for this opportunity to be Medfor student.”
Olena Zaiets, Ukrania

“Current occupation: 2º year MEDfOR student in ISA, Lisboa. What I get from MEDfOR: Academically, I get new knowledge, improve my skills and acquire new tools for dealing with Mediterranean ecosystems and their issues. Personally, meeting new friends and other collegues has given me new perspectives about different cultures and helped me to my personal development.”
Luis Acevedo, Spain

“Now, I'm finishing the 2nd year of the MEDfOR program in Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) in Lisbon, Portugal. This experience was unique and important not only in terms of getting new knowledge inside of the classroom, but also in discovering and learning more about different cultures and meeting amazing people. Definitely, it make me grow as a person by dealing with all the challenges that I faced during the (almost) last 2 years.”
Cátia Reis, Portugal

"I presented my thesis under the title: Trends in wildfire risk at time-scale: optimizing fuel treatments configurations in eucalyptus plantation in Portugal.
Creativity, patience, friendship, enthusiasm, adventures, curiosity...These might have been the motor and the result of my work during these two years. Hope this master can help in finding a job according to my ambitions. It provided me with a lot of field and real experiences during the studies and the summer internship in the forest sector,I gained knowledge about diffents issues in the Mediterranean area and it helped me to be more skilled in languages. In the personal aspect I am very satisfied for meeting so many people and cultures and making very good friends and colleagues, now part of what I am!
Ana Martín Ariza, Spain

3rd Edition:2014/2016

“First of all, thanks to Erasmus Mundus program for the MEDFOR program. It introduced me to a completely new type of ecosystem. I have been able to learn about the adaptive management system of a water stressed region with MEDFOR. It has taught me also about the basic strategies to tackle with fire; one of the most severe problems for the Mediterranean region. Moreover, I have gained knowledge about advanced forest management strategies by with the program.”
Bishwajit Roy, Bangladesh

“Actually, this master gave me many good experiences: I discovered a new country (new culture, new people, a beautiful city), I had a good academic knowledge, I excelled my English, but the best experience of all is having so good friends from my University, even outside of it. I think that by choosing this program I have got a rich experience.”
Kawtar Bouassel , Morocco