January 2017


We welcome applications to the International Master Degree on Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDfOR).
The MEDfOR Master Course has been developed under the umbrella of the Erasmus Mundus Programme. The master is a two-year International Master Course that takes advantage of education, research and
outreach expertise on Mediterranean forestry to address the economic, ecological and social challenges of sustainable forestry and natural resources management.

The Master Course is open to non-EU and EU students.

At least 5 scholarships will be available to students.

Additional MEDFOR scholarships might be available based on the outcomes of applications being made by the Medfor consortium.


Candidates can send their application from: 15st February to 15th April.

Ranking of the candidates will be communicated in the first week of May, and the number of scholarships available will be announced by middle May.

All the information is provided here:

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to study in two or three different European Universities in the Mediterranean Basin to get a double or triple degree.

They may further develop their dissertation in associated partner institutions in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.

December 2016

Congratulations to the MEDfOR student Kawtar Bouassel who defended her thesis in December!

You may check her presentation below!


November 2016

Congratulations to the MEDfOR student Zinev Choury who just publish her thesis!

Choury Z, Shestakova TA, Himrane H, Touchan R, Kherchouche D, Camarero J.J., Voltas J. 2016. Quarantining the Sahara desert: growth and water-use efficiency of Aleppo pine in the Algerian Green Barrier. Eur J Forest Res.


Congratulations to the MEDfOR student Nathalia Cardoso who defended her thesis in the 14th of October

Her thesis "Social Innovation in Forestry: A preliminary analytical framework" was done in the University of Padova and supervised by Dr. Laura Secco.


Finally all our 5th edition MEDfOR students are with us :D

In U of Padua we have our students

Danilo Reis Gonçalves from Brazil,
Koffi Dodji Noumonvi from Togo,
Md Ekramul Haque from Bangladesh,
Nayeli Alejandra Estevez from USA

In U of lisbon we have our students

Bikash Kharel from Nepal,
Daniel Hagos Berhe from Ethiopia,
Ishan Kanungo from India,
Peter Bufeh from Camaroons,
Sushmita Rani Saha from Bangladesh,
Samson Omokaro Osadolor from Nigeria,
Susana Drevrek from Brazil,
Motaz Abdelaziz from Egipt.

And from Lleida we have our students:

Abdullah-Al Mamun from Bangladesh
Andrii Khomiuk from Ukraine,
Babla Mohajan from Spain,
Siba Ghadban from Syria,
Alissa Reiss from Germany,
Noélia Lopez from Spain.

Congratulations to the MEDfOR students who defended their thesis in September!

Akbar Hossain Kanan with "Characterization and Conservation of Wetlands with Global Change Dynamics: A Case Study on Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh" in the University of Lisbon.

Bishwajit Roy with "Developing a business model for small and mediumj forest holders under FSC certification scheme and Gonçalo Filipe Mateus Marques with "Post-fire vegetation recovery and deadwood dynamics in a Scots pine forest. A multi-spatial scale analysis." in the University of Padova.


1st - 5th August

The Summer Event, a Farewell for the 3rd edition of MEDfOR took place in Pieve Tesin, and was organized by the University of Tuscia.

Students shared their thesis works with each other in a full day of presentations and discussions. The other days were dedicated to field trips, conferences and classes.

Book of abstracts


Congratulations to the MEDfOR students Tesfay Bezabeh and Eduardo Collado who defended their thesis in Lisbon, on the 27th July!

Tesfay Gidey Bezabeh:
Using yield-safe model to assess climate change impact on yield of coffee (coffea arabica) under agroforestry and monoculture systems.

Eduardo Collado:
Modelling height distribution on young cork oak Plantations in Portugal.

Congratulations to the MEDfOR Asaf Karavani who defended his thesis on the 21st July!

"Effect of climatic and micro-climatic conditions on the provisioning of fungal-based ecosystem services in Mediterranean pine stands" supervised by Sergio de Miguel anfd Miquel De Cáceres, in Lleida!

JUNE 2016

Congratulations to the MEDfOR student Zelalem Mengiste Taye for his publication which resulted from his thesis work:

Taye ZM, Martínez-Peña F, Bonet JA, Martínez de Aragón J. & de-Miguel SJ. 2016. Meteorological conditions and site characteristics driving edible mushroom production in Pinus pinaster forests of Central Spain.Fungal Ecology.

Photo by Zelalem Taye

MAY 2016

Scholar from British Columbia in Padova

In May, the scholar Sara Gergel from the University of British Columbia was with the MEDfOR Padova students!

Open Call for PhD School “Land, Environment, Resources and Health”, University of Padova:

A selection for 13 doctoral student positions (11 with a grant) at the PhD School “Land, Environment, Resources and Health” at the University of Padova is now open.
The PhD Program Land, Environment, Resources and Health (LERH( is a multi-disciplinary three-year Doctoral Program (180 ECTS) organized at the Dept. TESAF of the University of Padova.
Mission:LERH Program mission is to define integrated strategies for the management of natural resources, forpromoting an intersectoral rural development and associated bio-based economic activities using advanced knowledge and expertise. The emphasis is on applied research on sustainable technologies, innovative management options and integrated policies.

Instructions on the online application are available at:
For the list of PhD courses at University of Padova see: (information on the LERH course at page 41)
Research topics for the application:

Congratulations for Alex Pra on his publication:

Pra A, Petenella D. 2016. Consumption of Wood Biomass for Energy in Italy: A strategic Role Based on Weak Knowledge. Journal of Forests and Mountain Environments.

Photo by Mauro Masiero

Young Researchers Meeting

Release of the video of the Young Researchers Meeting where our MEDFOR students participate ,jointly with our local programs, both master and PhD level, during the Winter School. The video we filmed during the Xth Young Researchers Meeting on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems. You can view the video at