MAY 2016

Open Call for PhD School “Land, Environment, Resources and Health”, University of Padova:

A selection for 13 doctoral student positions (11 with a grant) at the PhD School “Land, Environment, Resources and Health” at the University of Padova is now open.

About MEDfOR


MEDfOR is a two-year world-class Erasmus Mundus Master Course Programme focuses on the integrating theme of sustainability in Mediterranean forests and woodlands, which cover over 9 % of the Mediterranean region’s land area, to address topics that are specific to the Mediterranean forestry and that require special attention such as: forest as a unique world heritage, forest management and conservation and forestry role in the welfare of the Mediterranean communities.

How to apply

The MEDfOR Masters Course is open to non-EU and EU students.

You can apply to:

An Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

  • Programme Country Scholarship if you are European
  • Partner Country Scholarship if you are non- European
  • The application period for Erasmus Mundus scholarships was over in January of 2016.

    As a self-funded student.

    As a self-funded student you can also find and search for other sources of funding, which are not managed by the MEdfOR Consortium. We strongly encouraged you to do so.