MEDfOR students come from all over the world and from countries in South and North.

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Student's Careers

On average one year after finishing their degree.

1st edition students: 2012/2014

Most of the students have chosen to stay at Academia, doing a PhD. The majority of those in the University were they develop their master thesis. The others are working on the forestry field, in International companies, or in the Public sector.

Anna Liubachyna from Ukraine is enrolled in the PhD programme "Land Environment Agriculture and Forestry in the University of Padova for 2014-2017.

Victor Gabriel Miranda from U.S. works has a GIS analyst for the Baltimore City Forestry Division in the state of Maryland in USA.

Sudip Pandey from Nepal is doing a PhD in Forest Ecology in the University of Padova, Italy.

Serajis Salekin from Bangladesh is doing a PhD in Forestry in the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Md. Habibur Rahman Salman from Bangladesh is doing a PhD in crop science specialized in Entomology at the University of Padova.

Amal Mokhtarfrom Tunisia, has done already two internship; one with World Wide Fund (WWF) and one with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO); Subregional Office for North Africa. She has also worked for three month with an NGO in Tunisia.

Hala Shahin from Syria is a PhD student in the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies Program at University of Lisbon and Nova University in Portugal.

Iva Kacarska from Macedonia is involved in the Regional Environmental Center, Country office Macedonia of an International Organization.

Alex Pra from Italy, has worked as a Project Manager for an Italian development cooperation NGO. He is now enrolled at the Phd Course "Land Environment Agriculture and Forestry”, in the University of Padova

Ilaria Dalla Vecchia from Italy is working within FSC Italy, the Italian Office of an International Organization, the Forest Stewardship Council ( The core issue of FSC is to promote the Responsible Forest Management.

Diego Martinez de La Cruz from Spain, worked for Food and Agriculture Organization and Bioversity International as a consultant of the United Nations (FAO) after finished his MAster. In June 2015 he joined the international third party organization Bureau Veritas as a Social and Environmental Auditor. He performs audits assessing companies against local legislation and certain standards such as Social Accountability (SA), SMETA-SEDEX or client specific requirements as well as Health and Safety (OHSAS) and environmental standards.

Zelalem Mengiste from Ethiopia has a research scholarship at the National University of Singapore for a PhD.

2nd edition students: 2013/2015

Ana Martin Ariza from Spain is working as a research technician in the Institute of Sustainable Forest Management (iFor), at the School of Agricultural Engineering in Palencia. She is mainly doing "Monitoring and Analysis of Forest Systems"performing GIS work, field data collection, and dendrocronology.

Most Jannatul Fardusi from Bangladesh is doing a PhD in Science, Technology and Biotechnology for Sustainability specialization in Forest Ecology and Environmental Technologies under supervision of Prof. Priermaria Corona at University of Tuscia, Italy and in collaboration with Forestry Research Center, Arezzo, Italy. I am working to integrate proximal and remote sensing technologies for assessing structure and diversity in mixed forests."

Houda Ben Salah from Morocco is doing a PhD about sacred forests and landscape dynamics.

Mehzabin Rupa from Bangladesh, is working with USAID on climate change, resiliency, forest policy, governance and livelihood issues.

Ishida Yu from Japan has started working at a private company called Nippon Paper Industries co., ltd. (also known as Japan Paper). I believe my experience with MEDfOR program (both studies and culture experience in European countries) gave me an advantage of getting a job and enhance my career.

Luis Acevedo from Spain is working at the Navigator Company in Setúbal, Portugal. He is working mainly with GIS.

Donmei Chen from China is a geographer at the University of Oregon in the United States pursuing a doctorate degree. She teaches GIS while doing research on the effects of climate change and governance on large-scale forest insect outbreaks in western North America.

Nforneh Paul Ambe from Cameroonian is currently did an internship at the FAO global headquarters in Rome. He is working with the food security team and is developing the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) to help address food security concerns in vulnerable countries. January 2017: Paul is now working as Consultant (Global Country Capacity Support Officer) within the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) Global program at the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) headquarters in Rome.

Ghenima Ghemouri form Algeria is working as a Chief Desk environment protection in mines area. She is also applying for a PhD.

Susana Durães from Portugal is working in a farm as a team supervisor.

Amal Aloui from Tunisia is working in a new project in Mednine (South of Tunisia). It is an agricultural project concerned with local development, and a partnership between US and Tunisian Organizations.

Zineb Choury will start her PhD in Western Sydney University on January 2017.

Muhammad Muddasir, after completing the master MEDfOR joined the research group of Prof. Dario Papale in University of Tuscia, Italy, as a PhD student: PhD in Science, Technology and Biotechnology for Sustainability. His research work is about the synthesis of greenhouse gas emissions from rice field under different management systems and agronomic practices across the globe. It includes collection, visualization, analysis and interpretation of the data already measured by different research groups using either eddy covariance or chambers. A field trial, in Pakistan, to measure the greenhouse gas emissions from rice fields is also the part of the PhD work.

3rd edition students: 2014/2016

Asaf Karavani took a job in Myanmar in January 2017. The project is related to capacity building in agriculture, and in rural communities in developing countries in an NGO working mainly in Africa and Asia.

Eduardo Coloma from Spain:

July 2017, one year after defending his thesis:
"I am living in Solsona (Catalonia), doing a PhD in modeling on fungi ecology led by José Antonio Bonet and Sergio de Miguel, in the Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia (CTFC). Of course, I would not have been able to get this chance if it were not for MEDfOR programme.”

Bishwajit Roy from Bangladesh:

July 2017, one year after defending his thesis:

“There is no doubt that MEDFOR has improved my career. I deeply acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of MEDFOR to my current life. For your information, currently I have been doing a PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies in University of Lisbon. Hope this will strengthen my career more.”

Nathalia Cardoso from Brazil:

July 2017, one year after defending her thesis:

"Following the conclusion of my internship as part of my master thesis at the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations (FAO) in the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Programme, I started working as a technical consultant supporting the programme's Small and Medium Forest Enterprises outreach strategy, and the development of a project proposal with the World Bank to improve the forest sector in Mozambique. I am currently a consultant in FAO's Forest Governance and Economics Team, conducting research and writing support to FAO's State of the World's Forests (SOFO) 2018 on the socioeconomic benefits from forests and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)".

Tesfay Bezabeth from Ethiopia:

July 2017, one year after defending his thesis:

“I was recruited by University of Adigrat, northern Ethiopia. I am acting in the university as lecturer and research. I teach different courses for undergraduate students, for instance, plant physiology, biometrics and agro-forestry and others. Besides, I am also doing research in agriculture and forestry thereby helping my country's development. The skills, knowledge and experiences that I gained from my MEDFOR study is greatly helping me to doing my job in teaching and research effectively.”