GIZ scholarships for MEDfOR

GIZ scholarships for MEDfOR “Erasmus Mundus MSc in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resource Management” for female students from Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey

Context and justification:
The regional project Silva Mediterranea – CPMF is a project financed by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and executed by GIZ, the German international development agency. Its objective and raison d’être is “Adapting forest policy conditions to climate change in the MENA region”, pursuing this goal along four key axes:
- Capacity development in forest administrations to embed climate change and the value of ecosystem services in sector policies and strategy papers
- Strengthening interinstitutional dialogue and cooperation between the forest and neighbouring sectors (such as agriculture, environment, water, energy, tourism etc.)
- Reinforcing communication between forest administrations and the public-at-large on the manifold goods and services rendered by forests and the dangers of climate change
- Increasing attention for Mediterranean forests on the international level and mobilising external support and partnership

Number of students and countries supported:
Up to six female students coming from one of the partner country of the regional GIZ project Silva Mediterranea – CPMF: Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey

Modalities and terms of scholarship:
The scholarship will be effected through a “Contract” between yourself and the regional project, specifying your responsibilities (studying successfully and fully in accordance with all academic and GIZ requirements, and completing a high-quality Master’s thesis usable as a study) and GIZ’s responsibilities (payment of the sum below).
The scholarships offered are for a total sum of € 24,690 per student over two years, including university fees for the two year MSc programme and travel costs to Winter School.

Academic requirements (identical to MEDfOR requirements):
a) Curriculum Vitae
b) Certified copy of academic qualifications demonstrating that the applicant has completed a 180 ECTS degree or equivalent in relevant areas, i.e. earth sciences, biology, ecology, mathematics, operations research, computer science, forest engineering or social and management sciences with either an undergraduate point average (UPA) equivalent to C or higher or an exceptional professional experience.Certified translations into English are required.
c) Proof of English proficiency (e.g. 575 minimum TOEFL score or equivalent in other similar recognized tests; or a Skype interview with a member of the selection panel, in the case of non-native English speakers)
d) Motivation letter with a reference to research interests
e) Two academic recommendation letters
f) The name of two universities - out of the three where the 48-ECTS graduate-level sub-programme is offered -, where the applicant would most like to start her Master programme.

Conditional upon completion:
The scholarship is conditional upon the successful and full completion of the 2-year MSc programme and all its academic and GIZ requirements.
Should the MSc programme not be completed successfully and fully, GIZ reserve the right to claim a partial reimbursement equivalent in percentage to the percentage of coursework and dissertation work not completed.

If you feel you can meet all the requirements above and are able to navigate the pressures of a course requiring studying at different universities and in several countries, please send us an application including all the documents cited above by 15 April 2013 at the latest. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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